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Project Description

This is a simple program that randomizes skills, items, and characters in Final Fantasy VI. It is used for racing the game.

Changes from Vanilla Final Fantasy VI

There are a number of changes that you will want to know about before embarking on a journey through randomized Final Fantasy VI.

Randomization of Various Things

This is why you're here, of course. This program will randomize the following things:
  • Character stats.
  • Character skillsets. Each character gets a different set of skills from those available to the main characters. Umaro will get two.
  • Natural abilities. The starting Rages, Lores, and natural Magic of whoever has those skills has been shuffled around.
  • Treasure chests. All treasure chests in the game, save for the Striker in the Cave of the Veldt, are randomized. The treasure you get will be fairly close in value to the original contents.
  • Equipment. Specifically, who can equip what. This also accounts for starting equipment.
  • Names. The names of the characters are changed, pulling from all the names in Final Fantasy.
  • Palettes. Expect some funny looking characters.
  • Espers. The spells they teach, and the rate they teach at have been shuffled around. It will be generally easier to learn spells now. However, there is no guarantee every spell will be available.
  • Shops. Items that appear in shops are shuffled around, except the Sprint Shoes.
  • Enemy steals and drops. Enemies themselves haven't changed, but what they drop has.
  • Colosseum won items. Good luck finding the items you want from the Colosseum!
  • RNG Table. Final Fantasy 6 has a lot of things that can be manipulated by a knowledgeable player: Auctions, Doom Gaze, Slots, Encounters. With the RNG table generated at random, these events are now much harder to manipulate.

Vargas is easier to kill

Don't get me wrong, he's can be a bit of a challenge, but even if you don't have Blitz, you should be able to defeat him. In this version he has much less HP.

Various cutscenes removed

The Terra/Locke/Edgar cutscene, TunnelArmr cutscene, and recruiting Gau cutscene have been removed. Now Gau will simply join your party without requiring a Dried Meat.

All weapons enable SwdTech and Runic

Because in the original game, Celes and Cyan could pretty much only equip weapons that enabled their skills.

Intro has been removed

Now when you start a new game, it puts you right into Narshe, no intro cutscene. We all know what happens, and why the Empire sucks. No need to see it again.

Evade works properly

No gearing up with 128 MBlock and being invincible for the end of the game.

Rods can't be broken

Breaking rods breaks the game. It's far too easy to get past challenges when you can just buy your way through them.

There is now a hidden chest outside of Arvis' House

This is the chest that normally carries Sprint Shoes, but was just out of reach. It can be collected as soon as you leave Arvis' house as Terra. Just face right and hit A!

Joker Doom kills your party

Yep. So even if you DO find a way to defeat the slots (or get lucky and have the right seed to enable doing it right away,) you still can't Joker Doom your way to victory.

The soldier on the east side of South Figaro in Locke's scenario no longer moves

This disables the "NPC Phasing" glitch that allows you to skip Celes and basically the entire scenario.

Umaro is equippable

And you should equip him!

Starting equipment is the worst equipment a character can wear

This means Setzer may be a little underpowered when you can first use him on Cranes.

The Veldt works differently now

Leap is removed; you now learn rages simply by fighting on the Veldt. Note that your Rage character doesn't even need to be in your party for this to happen.

Espers don't raise your stats

Otherwise you'd just put ZoneSeek, Tritoch, and Maduin on everyone when they level. That's no fun.

The Moogle Charm is not in the game

Because it turns out Kefka's Tower is a joke when every party can use one.

Psycho Cyan doesn't work anymore

Or "Psycho Whoever-it-is-that-gets-SwdTech"

All relics are equippable by everyone

Except job-specific relics, of course.

The Cursed Shld takes less time to decurse

It only takes 50 battles instead of 255. The Paladin Shld could be worth it to get in a race!

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