Final Fantasy VI Randomizer v7

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Released: Mar 3, 2015
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Application Final Fantasy VI Randomizer v7
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Release Notes

v7 (2015-03-03)
- Relics are now equippable by everyone (except for specialized relics like the Thief Glove)
- Shops will sell items that match the type of shop they are, for about 75% of their inventory.
- Reduced battles to decurse shield to 50.
- Log now outputs what items can be found in treasure boxes in each area.
- Umaro will no longer generate with Magic. Instead, his third command slot will be a random command from one of the other characters. (may be buggy)
- Another Vanish-Doom fix. This should also fix L5 Doom and the Clear status.
- Added seed to generated ROM.
- Added automatic check for updates.
- Added/fixed some character palette swaps.
- Automatically applies .sfc extention to rom name if no extension specified.

vVI (2014-10-15)
- Created Config section that allows you to set your game's configuration before you even start the game!
- The RNG table for the game is now randomized. This will preclude on-the-fly manipulation of the Slots, the Auction House, Doom Gaze, and Rage finding, among other things.
- Vanish/Doom fixed. Unlike the Terii Senshi's fix that has been floating around for a while, the enemy will reappear if you try to cast Doom on it.
- Psycho Cyan glitch fixed.
- Randomized enemy steals and drops.
- Randomized Colosseum won items.
- The unequipping guy in the airship will now unequip Umaro.
- Espers are now output to the log.

v5 (2014-09-04)
- Removed Esper level up bonuses.
- Fixed palettes for Cyan, Strago, and Umaro.
- Altered stat ranges for characters. This should make the game slightly more difficult, especially in the beginning.
- Lowered Memento Ring tier.
- Overhauled item randomization. Now items may not necessarily appear in the same tier of items that they replace.
- Consumable items should show up more frequently in chests and shops.
- The Gem Box and Economizer should show up less frequently.
- The Charm Bangle should appear where the Moogle Charm did previously. The Moogle Charm should not appear.
- Slightly changed how Monsters-In-A-Box are randomized.
- Edgar's palette as Gerad should now correspond directly with his palette as Edgar, instead of always being the same palette as usual.

v4 (2014-08-26)
- Fixed Terra's palette in two places.
- Changed South Figaro's easternmost soldier's patrolling routine to a standing watch.
- Ensured Striker will be in its normal chest to ensure Shadow is obtainable in World of Ruin.
- Moved Hardened to lowest World of Ruin 1 GP tier. Yes, you will probably get an amazing item in the Gigantos chest on the Floating Continent.
- Fixed Morph AP accumulation character.
- Fixed issue with not learning rages.
- Fixed issue where the randomizer was generating Rippler as a starting lore instead of Pep Up.

v3 (2014-08-19)
- Fixed issue with characters not having starting equipment.

v2 (2014-08-19)
- Fixed character-specific item equips (like Thief Glove, Coin Toss, etc.)
- Shops will no longer generate blank items in the middle of the list.
- Shops that normally sell Sprint Shoes are guaranteed to still sell them.

v1 (2014-08-18)
- Initial release

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